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Softball Glove


In Central New York, the spring seasons for Little League and high school sports don't last long enough for kids to get all of the reps they need to truly succeed at this game. A lack of development creates a lower likelihood of success when the next season rolls around. This often discourages young athletes from continuing to play and developing a love for the game that is the foundation for sustained improvement.

Furthermore, travel sports have become increasingly expensive and require large time commitments with frequent trips to local and distant tournaments. It can be a lot on a family, especially if you have multiple children. 

Blackbird Softball bridges the gap between seasons where softball players can hone their skills and improve without a rigid, year round practice schedule. Players can pick and choose which clinics they want to participate in with enough flexibility to play other sports, be a kid, and have a life outside of school and athletics. 

And for those who do participate in travel ball, Blackbird Softball Academy is an ideal program for you to continue drilling, learning, and enhancing your skills between travel practices and seasons as well.

The goal of this entire program is to grow softball in Central New York by helping young athletes be successful in this difficult sport. The more fun they have, success they experience, and challenges they learn to overcome, the better the chances of them loving the game and sticking with it throughout high school and maybe even longer!

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